Lending and Loans

Loans and Lending

Specialists in lending originations, streamlining loans approvals & platform modernisation

Our team understanding lending. We have specialists in end to end Lending Originations platforms that are some of the best in Australia. We can provide individual experts for specialist advice or entire teams to transform an organisation.
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Carl Williams - Lending

Experienced Loans, Lending and Originations Principal Consultant with broad experience across banks in Europe & Australia. Carl has spent the last 7 years leading transformations in Westpac & Macquarie Bank.

Carl is one of Australia's leading experts on Home Lending Originations, he's taken a lead role in multiple banks leading large scale transformation projects in Europe and Australia.

Carl's passion is helping lenders transform the way their business operates. He's passionate about Digital Lending and the benefit this can add to banks & their customers, he enjoys taking lenders on this journey or working with Neobank's to build out their lending origination processes.

Our approach

Faster lending, reduced costs

We bring industry experts from our experienced team to look at the way you do lending. They can offer strategic advice on how to improve the process drawing on expertise drawn from projects with major banks & neo-bank lenders. Our experienced team can help transform the way organisations create loans, provide advice on platforms and systems then bring it all to life.

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

The banking transformation team contains business analysts, experts in banking systems integration, specialists in financial services data and banking system testers. Each consultant has been handpicked for their skills, each an expert in their field. Novon can deliver teams or individual consultants depending on the requirements.

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