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Slide Data Migration Data Visualisation Data Consolidation Real-Time Integration Data Migration is increasingly ‘the key’ to implementing new applications platforms. An effective Data Migration partner allows organisations to migrate from legacy platforms to modern solutions (cloud and on-prem) smoothly, moving both historical data and business rules effectively. One of our key focuses in around Data Migration, with specialist teams currently working with major organisations across Australia.

We have help organisations plan for a successful data migration, provide advise on the best strategies and approaches and provide project teams to execute quickly and effectively. No project is too small or large!
Once your data has been migrated, consolidated, integrated into a useable format, visualisation is the way we get the right information into the hands of the people in your business that needs it. Everyone in the business has different needs & effective data visualisation involves working with all the key stakeholders to understand what their individual data they needs are & in what form they need it.

Novon is product agnostic, we don’t have partnerships with particular vendors and we work with all the leading platforms including PowerBI, Tableau, Domo, Cognos Analytics, Sisence and many more.

Our team of experienced visualisation consultants includes Business Analysts to understand and interpret requirements, designers to bring this to life and developers to work on the back-end integration.
Data consolidation is all about lots and lots of data, most commonly referred to as Big Data in 2020, and while big data sites are evident on-prem in large corporations, for the most part they are a cloud option. The vendor choices most often compared when choosing to adopt cloud based big data platforms nearly always comes down to the Big Three — Amazon Web Services vs. Microsoft’s Azure vs. Google Cloud Platform.

Novon can provide advice, solutions and implement, Big Data platforms, Data Lakes, Data Catalogues and Data Warehouse solutions.
Today the real-time integration of information has not only become pretty common place, it has also simplified significantly over these past 5 years. For Novon this simplification has left three technologies standing that make a difference to an organisation and how they perform in real-time within their chosen market. Application Programming Interface (API) / Micro Services, Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) Services and the Enterprise Services Bus (ESB). Novon has been helping Australian businesses unlock the value of their data since 2012. Today, Novon believes the best use of your data is vital to your success in today’s modern business, but so too is choosing the right platform to unlock your data. Novon helps our clients choose and build solid data platforms. We help you utilise data as a key business asset, thereby helping you make better real-time decisions that are driven by your digital data assets.

Transforming data is at the core of what we do, and this core skill enables us to provide the best data platform that is the key to your Digital success.
Data Migration Real-Time Integration Data Visualisation Data Consolidation Call: (02) 9037 3000
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Information Origination A key factor to the success of any project, is how you translate your business ideas and requirements to ensure they will fit with your processes and potential limitations that may exist in your chosen technical solution. Something that sounds simple and straight forward but often overlooked or approached in a way that does not adequately consider the impact of decisions.

Our experience has taught us that your business will have specific needs that will determine how you capture information that will influence the alignment of systems, products and service.
Information Origination

Why Novon?

The Novon team has decades of experience solving technology, data & integration challenges. We take a business-driven view of your desired outcomes and our independent approach allows us to pick from a very rich, leading edge set of data driven technologies in Australia.

We are a strong believer in the power of digital assets and how they help organisations like yours become digital first organisations.

Novon works with the three world leading Cloud Platform Providers, to offer cost effective & scalable Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions that provides your organisation with near real-time data through Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics.

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