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“The alignment on culture and approach was a critical factor in choosing to work with Novon. That view on alignment hasn’t changed”.
Stephen Haddad CIO SCA
Leon Kelly – Head of Digital Technology SCA

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“We have worked with the Novon team since the beginning of 2023, focused on enhancing our capability in the digital technology team.

Our primary product is LiSTNR, a leading digital audio platform available on mobile, web, in-car and connected devices. This was launched in early 2021, and the mobile app has been the flagship consumption channel. We originally used separate native codebases for iOS & Android, and after some consideration decided to re-platform using React Native, a hybrid framework, to simplify our engineering stack & improve our speed to market.

There were three reasons for us to look externally for a delivery partner:

1. The need for the internal teams to continue working on the current version of the LiSTNR app whilst the new version was built.

2. We have a talented team of native mobile developers who needed re-training onto the new framework, and then onboarding into the project.

3. The need for urgency to get the new version into market.

We met with the Novon team and immediately we felt that Novon could fit with our ways of working, culture and cadence rather than having to adopt a separate delivery framework that would make it difficult to merge with the internal teams. The alignment on culture and approach was a critical factor in choosing to work with Novon. That view on alignment hasn’t changed.

Onboarding the Novon team was a smooth process, and we were in place to kick off on time with all key people available. There were some early challenges with scope changing & unplanned technical hurdles, and I feel we approached this together as one team. The challenge towards the end was the size of scope vs the original estimates which led to extended hours & considerable pressure. I’m forever grateful the Novon team went the extra mile to drive the delivery to the agreed timeline, and we could not have done it without their exceptional efforts.

Outside of pure technology resourcing, we had the benefit of key Novon people in Agile delivery, software engineering & automation testing who were able to work with our existing practices and suggest improvements. Those improvements are in place across multiple teams now & have become a natural part of our internal practices.

In the future, I’d have no hesitation in using Novon again, especially in digital & data delivery where they have clear expertise but also fit so well in to our existing culture & working practices. The outcomes the team have delivered are exceptional and we are well ahead on our strategic objectives as a result.”

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“As part of the Novon Leadership team for over 7 years, I've been able to work with some key organisations to drive and deliver solutions that transform the way they use their data”.