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On Demand Experts

Novon provides a core service that is designed to give you a flexible resourcing model that meets your needs for delivering business outcomes, whilst also controlling costs over a medium to long term.

Working in partnership to define your workforce planning allows us to employ the resources you require and deploy them when best suits you. This level of collaboration means that we can pass on substantial cost savings, engaging full time employees into the Novon business, securing the very best talent at the right price point. Ultimately this allows us to pass on these saving to you delivering capability at a far lower price than traditional labour hire.

  • Providing you with a service approach to resourcing. This means a collaborative working relationship that gives you the right resources when you need them.
  • Helping you better manage the risk associated to project resourcing by passing the responsibility and ownership to a specialist partner who provides high quality niche skilled resources.
  • A genuine service that is designed to provide you ultimate flexibility in your resourcing requirements, without compromising quality, delivered with the assurance and collaborative working you’d expect from a consulting partner
  • Working with a provider who is committed to forming a strong, long term, quality relationship that gives you value for money.
  • You maintain the same flexibility as you would have with any contingent labour, should you wish to reduce your footprint, your provide notice to Novon and we manage the off boarding.
  • An agreement that supports future transition, should you wish to insource our capability or just hire an individual, we work in partnership to enable this process rather than be obstructive in favour of our own business needs.