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Novon X

Novon X is an extension of our core service offering. Industry experts, people who are the best in their field, here to provide strategic advice to help you deliver your transformation.

Our customers tell us that when dealing with large consulting firms that they often don’t get the best talent, yet they are paying a premium.

Novon is challenging this, by offering our clients a network of pre-vetted trusted and trusted consultants, that work for us as associates. Typically NovonX consultants have worked for large consulting firms then chosen to leave to pursue a career as an independent. We offer them an alternative to contracting, a team to work with without the binds of a regular big consulting employment. The flexibility of being an independent associate with the backing of our extended delivery team.

Our Associate model allows us to access the best talent in the market, whilst still reducing the cost by 20-30% from our larger competitors. Simply, we do not carry the cost of expensive executive salaries or expansive office space, which means we can pass on these saving to you whilst at the same time delivering excellent resources to meet your needs.