What We Do.

So how do you unlock today’s data secrets? Novon use proven technologies that have stood the test of time to successfully unlock your data’s secrets:

  • For Data at rest solutions we utilise, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and Analytics technologies while for Data Migration we use a blend of best practise approaches and Data Warehouse technologies
  • For data in motion solutions we utilise API, SOA and ESB technologies to provide real-time integration for our client solutions

For both data at rest and data in motion solutions we can provide them on-prem or in the cloud or a mixture of both (hybrid). Novon will recommend and implement the best solution to satisfy your business goals.

Novon can Review, Consult, Architect, Design, Develop and Implement all major data driven and integration technologies, but it’s hard to be specialists of everything, so every two years we pick the most innovative and relevant sectors that would help our customers and develop a deeper expertise in these technologies.

Data consolidation and Mining technologies.

This year Novon have deepened their skills and experience in Data consolidation and Mining technologies:

  • Big Data – Data Lakes, Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning, Predictive – Prescriptive Analytics, Data Quality Management and Streaming Data.
  • Data in motion technologies have not evolved significantly over the past four years and therefore we continue to use the technologies mentioned above. It’s worth noting here that there has been quite a shift in this sector to cloud based solutions, driven by the desire to reduce the time and cost to reach a market.
  • The only exception to this approach is Data Migration, which we continue to invest in year after year. Migrating core Financials, ERP applications and backbone Integration platforms are always required by customers in any given year, from on-prem migrations 12 years ago and now fast forward to today, where we are migrating to fully functional cloud-based Financials or ERP applications or Integration platforms in 2020.
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