Discounted rates for Not-for-Profit organisations

Novon offers discounted rates for Not-for-Profit organisations as part of our community social commitment. We also help organisations access significant discounts on software that technology software partners offer to greatly reduce the ongoing cost of delivering your data & reporting services.

Novon works in Data & Analytics, we help take data from multiple sources, arrange it into a more workable format & help organisations do whatever they need to with this information. This can include reporting to your partners, visuals for doners, dashboards for your leadership teams or regulatory reporting to comply with legal requirements.

Our consultants help you define your requirements, understand your data sources, build a suitable solution & implement the reporting requirements.

Many not-for-profit organisations opt to live in the Microsoft world, the discounts on offer are significant and the products are simple & easy to work with. Additionally, as Microsoft offers discounts across its range of services including email via its Office365 product which many organisations in this sector are already taking advantage of. Novon works closely with the Microsoft technology stack.

PowerBI is part of the Office365 suite & is fast becoming the platform of choice for organisations large and small, learn more here:-

We have over 20 experienced consultants working with PowerBI that are ready to help. Microsoft offers this for non-profits at a very significant discount.


If you would like to know more about our non-profit projects and availability, we’d love to hear from you.

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