Real-Time Integration

Real-Time Integration

Integration is the key to connecting data & real-time is now what's expected

Today the real-time integration of information has not only become pretty common place, it has also simplified significantly over these past 5 years.

For Novon this simplification has left three technologies standing that make a difference to an organisation and how they perform in real-time within their chosen market. Application Programming Interface (API) / Micro Services, Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) Services and the Enterprise Services Bus (ESB).
For the past 5 years corporate Australia has rapidly moved toward being digitally driven as a key business priority. Not surprisingly, digital driven transformations have had a fundamental change on the information integration landscape, accelerating the adoption of new technologies that support direct interfaces to cloud hosted SaaS solutions and fully functional iPaaS / iSaaS platforms using API’s.

In fact, with the adoption of cloud-based iPaaS / iSaaS solutions a company can adopt new forms of real-time integration in weeks (if appropriate API’s exist) rather than months as was the case previously.

As expected, this trend has been led by enterprise organisations in Australia as they had the funding and people to drive the adoption of these new technologies, but for the SME, these technologies seemed sadly out of reach until recently.

Enterprise Australia has implemented a mix of on-prem and cloud-based integration strategies, which has provide them with the necessary new integration platforms that they require to deploy large scale applications in the Cloud to run their business as well as leaving some applications to run on-prem.
For the SME organisations we now finally have fully functional real-time integration iSaaS / iPaaS solutions that are not only affordable, they are, compared to previous versions, quite simple to deploy and run for an SME’s business. This means that any Australian organisation can now adopt real-time integration, which will provide better insight and visibility into their business.

From connecting key real-time applications like ERP and back office financials to providing real time dashboards that monitor key areas of your business, these new solutions can provide you with a constant flow of real-time insights that enable you to make better customer driven decisions. These insights drive superior customer service and a deeper level of customer engagement, and at the same time can provide for efficiencies and savings in running your business.

Novon (including Lonispace acquisition) has been providing integration solutions for more than 19 years and can provide a full end to end architecture and implementation for an enterprise or SME organisation. Novon can implement on-prem or in the cloud using an iSaaS / iPaaS platform or a combination of the two (Hybrid) architectural solutions, as per diagram shown below.

In summary, real-time integration capabilities are today, an essential ingredient for companies moving to a digital first strategy. Instead of being left behind large enterprises and SME’s alike can now adopt real-time integration platforms and reap the benefits that these technologies provide. For SME’s, Novon recommend you start with small tactical implementations that provide the service model and price point you can afford. Novon believes today real-time integration has become a business necessity to effectively compete in any Australian market.

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