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Novon Service Capability

Novon Service Capability

Novon is a boutique provider of specialist capabilities. Our strategy is quite simple. Stay ahead of the technology curve and advise our customers on how to implement and operate clever, game changing transformations for data visualisation, information origination and information integration strategies. That’s how we do it.

Novon is a technology-driven company and our focus for our clients is to identify the best leading-edge technical solution that has a life span of considerable years. This translates into reducing your technology investments in the future. We pride ourselves on providing an experienced but impartial lens when leading technology reviews and assessing technology solutions.

Novon can provide Business Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, and Solution Architecture reviews and recommendations for all Data Visualisation, Information Origination, Data Consolidation, and any Integration technologies, real-time or batch. Furthermore, we will also provide you with the best recommendations for your business based on an agreed set of parameters at the start of the engagement. Novon utilises the industry’s best practice reference architectures, including organization-wide information architecture and common data model for most projects. We recommend architectural principles and standards to use when deploying the proposed technology or making good existing technology. We can provide logical and physical architectures, including new and existing software and hardware infrastructures.

Through our industry specialisation that has evolved over many years, Novon has developed a highly skilled team that provides a range of business-driven technology outcomes. For example, Novon can provide a Retail Bank with a Loan Origination Team that will help your organisation choose the best platform. We will tailor (architect and design) it specifically for your business needs, and help you implement it. Equally, we can provide Neo Bank with a team to help them choose the right software for their next product offering, and implement it in the fastest and most cost-effective manner possible. In addition to these specific market skills, we also have a great Business Analyst team who has a broad range of market experience. Our team provides BA skills in Data Visualisation, Data Migration, and other data-driven projects.

The constant digitization of the IT landscape has led to the evolution of agile, adaptive, and continuous deliveries. This means that an organisation’s focus is to deliver more with less, through lean principles & practices. The establishment of consistent assurance processes provides confidence that programs and projects are committed to the successful delivery of initiatives and services across your organisation.

Novon has the necessary resources and experience to provide these delivery services for projects where we are responsible for the end-to-end delivery of a program. Our team is conversant with several methodologies and frameworks that are used to deliver assurance to an IT program or project.

Novon can provide QA, Project Management, DevOps and Testing to ensure your project is delivered in time and on budget, while also delivering on all the project deliverables.

Novon has decades of experience in these fields of technology (real-time, near real-time and batch integration), and we have been privileged to have experienced nearly all of the likely permutations of integration from the 80’s to 2020 and beyond. To ensure our highly experienced team does not become stale, we engender in our culture an insatiable appetite for knowledge and curiosity about what’s coming next thereby keeping us ahead of the technology curve.

So, what’s on offer from Novon? Well, we will review your current solutions and platforms, recommend how to fix what you have today, what you should replace the current platform with or a mixture of the two. We can provide the Architecture (inc. frameworks), the Design (inc. patterns), and the Implementation teams. Our teams would present, workshop and implement any agreed data and information-driven technologies (data visualisation, data consolidation, real-time, near real-time and batch integration).

Novon also has considerable experience in recommending and implementing operation models for data and integration implementations. We use well-recognised worldwide maturity models to devise an operating model that best suits your organisation and its appetite for risk, security, and governance.

For some years, an engineering resource is now expected to at least understand or have good experience in a mixture of technical skills, operational experience, environment knowledge, as well as possessing good soft skills. All of these skills are required today to ensure a project is delivered on time and budget. For Novon that means an engineering resource today should really know about detailed design, development, unit test, UAT and continuous integration testing and deployment, as well as the challenges the BAU team may face in production to do their job effectively. A good cultural fit also helps a project run more smoothly.

However, nothing stands still for very long in IT so, as of 2016, new approaches have been added to the operating model theatre – collaborative, pervasive and adaptive, which for the most part was born in the Digital transformation era. Novon ensures all of its resources possess these capabilities.

At the core of Novon’s services offerings we have Software Engineers, Software Developers, Integration Engineers, Data Engineers, and Test Engineers. In summary if you need an engineering resource that can design or develop all things data, either real-time or batch, then talk to us. We can provide the resources you need.

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