Data Consulting

Data Consulting Services

Data is at the heart of Every Project

Data is at the heart of what we do. All of our projects blend the skills in our team to deliver outstanding results, from integration to visualisation we have teams of experts to connect, migrate your information making it shine.

Data Visualisation

Data visualisation is playing an increasingly important role in identifying how we can empower business leaders to make informed decisions faster. Novon's team works with all the leading visualisation tools to help bring your business data to life.

Data Migration

Purchasing a new core platform can be great for any business but if the legacy data & business rules don't migrate over correctly that new platform can become a major drag on business performance & staff engagement. Our specialists in Data Migration are experts in this field, moving you from old to new seamlessly, no matter the platform.

Big Data & Analytics

Working with extremely large data sets to gain insights into your business, customers and engagement is complicated and requires unique expertise. Novon works with several large organisations on these projects, we have the consultants you need to make these projects succeed.

Data Integration

The modern business world is an interconnected world of applications, some in the cloud & some managed centrally. Integration is the key to connecting the modern business and we have teams of integration specialists that can make this happen

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