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Westpac Case Study

The largest programme of change in Westpac’s current portfolio.

Westpac Case Study

The largest programme of change in Westpac’s current portfolio.

Who is the client..?

Westpac is Australia’s first bank and oldest company, one of four major banking organisations in Australia and one of the largest banks in New Zealand. Established in 1817 as the Bank of New South Wales, the company changed its name to Westpac Banking Corporation in 1982. For over 200 years they have played an important role in the economic and social fabric of Australia. Westpac provides a broad range of consumer, business and institutional banking and wealth management services through a portfolio of financial services brands and businesses.

Engagement background..?

Customer Service Hub (CSH) – The largest programme of change in Westpac’s current portfolio with a goal to transform product originations and core banking across the Retail division. In a partnership with Oracle, the programme is integrating the Oracle platform into it’s technology stack starting with Home Loan Originations.

Business / Technology challenges

  • Westpac has a number of legacy platforms, the goal is to reduce cost of change by reverting to a single stack across it’s brands as well as cooking in efficiencies and ensuring an excellent customer experience
  • With such a large project such as home loan originations, stitching together the capabilities to ensure a workable E2E process is one of the greatest challenges

Novon Solution/Value Proposition & Specialist consultant skills

  • Experience of 5 originations projects
  • Applying an E2E lens to ensure all facets are taken into consideration
  • Excellent facilitation skills to get the best out of workshops
  • An understanding of the importance of Legal, Risk and Compliance obligations
  • Applying workable models to ensure coverage and traceability


Customer Service Hub (CSH)


Loan Originations




2018 – 2019